Thank you for your interest in EMLA. We look forward to hearing from you! Please see our submission policy, below, and our co-agency information on our About page.

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Submission Policy

EMLA is closed to unsolicited queries or submissions. We consider queries that come to us by referral from industry professionals we know, and individual agents are open to queries from attendees of conferences where they speak. If you have met us at a conference or have a referral, please paste your query into the contact form on our contact page. Do not query multiple EMLA agents at once. Note that we are no longer responding to queries or submissions from those who do not have a referral or have met us at a conference; those sent in hard copy form via post or other means will receive no response, and those sent via email will receive a form rejection.

Contact info:

Erin Murphy Literary Agency, Inc.
824 Roosevelt Trail #290
Windham, ME 04062

Please respect the environment by limiting paper mailings!

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