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This news went out for wider notice last week, but oh, what a week it’s been! In a world that is so hurting and so broken, it feels good to know that there are strong stories pushing their way out onto future shelves—stories that will not only entertain and delight (though that is a sure thing!), but that will also teach and help and heal. This book is one of those gems. This book is special.

Here is the exciting deal announcement:  

Jessica Garrison at Dial has preempted World rights to Zack Loran Clark’s solo debut, THE LOCK-EATER. Pitched as in the vein of Diana Wynne Jones, this magical middle-grade adventure brings together a girl with an uncanny talent and a gearling who yearns for greater things, on a dangerous journey that will take all they have just to survive, and explores questions of friendship, sexual identity, and moral ambiguity along the way. The deal was brokered by Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Agency, and publication is planned for fall 2021.

This fantastic solo debut from Zack Loran Clark (whose co-written fantasy series, THE ADVENTURERS GUILD is well with checking out, if you haven’t already!) is classic middle-grade magic fare reinvented for today’s readers, with all the layers and complexity and diversity of our now. Don’t miss this book!

 Huge congratulations, Zack!

- Joan