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We’ve got an exciting new book deal to celebrate, and this one has been a LONG time in the making. It’s no secret that many writers find the seeds of their most heartfelt stories along the various roads the journeys of their lives take. And that is very much the case here. As a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Trent spent a year living and working closely with Afghan people, and getting to know many people there personally.

One of the friends Trent made during that time was Jawad Arash, who himself lived not only through the war in Afghanistan but also during through the darkest days of Taliban domination in his country.  From this friendship was born a book idea: a story of two worlds, two viewpoints—how two very different teenagers could experience the exact same event from opposite sides of the planet without realizing the ultimate impact it would have on each of their lives, or how their lives would eventually intersect.

Friends, this collaboration is going to be a book. An amazing book, which will absolutely knock your socks off! Here is the deal announcement which went live this week: 

Elise Howard and Krestyna Lypen at Algonquin have acquired, at auction, World rights to Trent Reedy and Jawad Arash’s YA novel, ENDURING FREEDOM. The dual storyline follows a young National Guard recruit living in Iowa and a Muslim teen living in Kabul under Taliban rule, as the events surrounding 9/11 unfold in two very different worlds. The deal was managed by Ammi-Joan Paquette, for publication in summer 2021.

Congratulations, Trent and Jawad!!

- Joan