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Do you love young comics? Do you love humor, heart, and fantastic art? Well then, I have news for you: You might know Jarod Roselló as the talented author-illustrator behind RED PANDA AND MOON BEAR, but in recent months he has been very hard at work preparing something entirely new. Today, this new series is officially being announced . . . and here are the details:

Whitney Leopard at Random House Graphic has preempted World rights to RED PANDA AND MOON BEAR creator Jarod Roselló’s HUGO AND DINO. The chapter book graphic novel series follows a boy who can change the world around him just enough to go on all types of magical adventures with his best friend, Dino. The three-book deal was managed by Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency, and the first book will publish in Fall 2023.

That is right, folks—a preempt, as this property was swooped right off the submission-table by an editor who could not resist its pull  The insanely talented Jarod is in finer form than ever in launching this new series, as he introduces us to some unforgettable new characters and prepares to send them on one adventure after another. Won’t you come along for the ride? It’s going to be epic! 

Huge congratulations on the new books, Jarod!!

- Joan