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One of the best feelings as an agent is being able to open an email, click on a document, begin to read, and—instantly find yourself transported into an entirely different place, world, universe. Some stories land in your Inbox—and your heart!—pretty much fully formed, and never was that more the case than with Tara Dairman’s THE GIRL FROM EARTH’S END. 

Want a teaser? Here is the story thumbnail…

Twelve-year-old Henna has lived her whole life on the tiny island of Earth’s End, with her dads and the most occasional visitor via the supply boat. Her days are packed full, and Henna is never happier than when she is tending to her plants. But the discovery that her papa Niall is fatally ill, and that there is a mysterious and nearly extinct plant that could save his life, changes everything. Henna knows that she must do anything to find him that cure—even if it means, for the first time in her life, venturing out beyond the boundary of Earth’s End.

Earth’s End—and its surroundings—is one of those places that lives long in the mind, and Henna and her friends are unforgettable. I am overjoyed to say that this outstanding MG adventure has found its perfect home at Candlewick Press, with Christine Engels at its editorial helm. Watch for this book on shelves in spring 2023! 

Congratulations, Tara!