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When Cottage Door Press was looking to develop a line of board books celebrating brown babies, they couldn’t have chosen a better person to make it happen than Kevin Lewis. Kevin, as you know, is the author of the still-popular-twenty-years- later CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOO and MY TRUCK IS STUCK, as well as being the editor of many hugely successful books and (of course!) now an EMLA agent. 

I’m so excited to be working with this house and with Ginny O’Donnell for the first time, and on a series that promises to be so beloved. It will start with BROWN SUGAR BABY next spring and have at least two more books. Up-and-coming illustrator Jestinia Southerland (repped by Alex Gehringer at the Bright Agency) is on board for book 1. It’s going to be WONDERFUL!

Huge congratulations, Kevin!