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We're celebrating a debut deal for Alliah L. Agostini this week! I fell in love with it for so many reasons—including that I'm married to a Caribbean-American immigrant and know these Saturday dancehall gatherings quite fondly. I also remember cashing in cans as a kid and my son still does it. But the way Alliah makes the story sing and captures such a specific experience in a universal way—with themes of generosity, determination, and self-expression—makes me hopeful that this story will resonate with families of all backgrounds while it lifts up Jamaican-American families whose experience is reflected.

Here's the announcement:

Janine O'Malley at Farrar, Straus, and Giroux has acquired world rights to BIG TUNE by Alliah L. Agostini, to be illustrated by Shamar Knight-Justice. In Agostini's vibrant and rhythmic debut, a shy boy works up the courage to bust out his dance moves at the neighborhood dancehall party. The book is set to release in winter 2023. Miranda Paul at Erin Murphy Literary Agency negotiated for the author as part of a two-book pre-empt, and Christy Ewers of the CAT agency negotiated on behalf of the illustrator.

-- Miranda