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This deal that we're celebrating today for Keely Parrack encapsulates everything about why you should never give up on your dreams, and why timing can really be everything sometimes. This is a project that has been on and off sub for a number of years, but we just knew we had to find the right editor for it. And once we spoke to Wendy McClure at Sourcebooks, it became so clear that we had!

Here's a bit about the story that's coming your way next fall:

Wendy McClure at Sourcebooks Fire has acquired, in a two-book deal, The Darkness of Snow by Keely Parrack, a debut YA survival thriller. After a solar flare leaves Lottie and new stepsister Jade without power or cell service in a ski cabin, they are joined by cute, fast-talking Alex, who claims to be lost in the woods. A deadly blizzard, fire, and bears aren't the girls' only concerns as they realize Alex isn't who he claims to be, and that he has dangerous friends. Publication is set for fall 2022; Tara Gonzalez at Erin Murphy Literary Agency brokered the deal for world English rights.

And I am so delighted that we'll be getting not only just one thriller from Keely, but a second one as well! She's truly just a fantastic writer and I am over the moon for her. Congratulations, Keely!

- Tara