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Have you seen EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE yet? Before I saw it, I kept hearing people saying it was literally the best movie they had ever seen. And yet still, when I saw it, my expectations were not too high—it truly was that for me, too!

A big part of what makes it wonderful is Michelle Yeoh, who has the lead role in it. She’s always been incredible, but this is a different kind of role for her, so it seems like a new Michelle Yeoh.

And this is not the first time Michelle has had to reinvent herself! Kristen Giang, who recently published a picture book biography of Jackie Chan, discovered that when researching Michelle Yeoh last year. Many of the things Michelle Yeoh has done, she was the only one who had ever done them. And hence was born MICHELLE THE FIRST: HOW ACTION HERO MICHELLE YEOH DANCED, ACTED, AND DREAMED HER OWN PATH, in which we follow the Malaysian Chinese movie star from the ballet stage, to the action-packed sets of Hong Kong, to the dazzling lights of Hollywood, as she continually broke new ground while still staying true to her creative self.

I am so pleased to say that Feather Flores at Chronicle signed up this picture book text and matched it with the incredible Kuri Huang to illustrate, before departing for Atheneum. Melissa Manlove has stepped in to bring it to the finish line—scheduled for spring 2025—and we cannot wait! 

So many congratulations, Kristen!