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How’s that for an enigmatic heading?

Kersten Hamilton has such a gift for writing deceptively simple, lyrical young nonfiction, as demonstrated recently in FIRST FRIEND. When the cargo ship Ever Given got stuck in the Suez Canal a year ago, blocking all traffic, we were all captivated. It revealed a lot about the complicated nature of shipping on this planet in modern times (something we’re all, and especially those of us hoping books will make assigned publication dates, more aware of than ever before)—but leave it to Kersten to be most inspired by the idea that it took a full moon’s high tide to give the last bit of help needed to set the Ever Given free.

Thus I am so pleased to share this deal announcement!

Meriam Metoui at Viking has bought world rights to THE TUGBOAT AND THE SILVER MOON, a picture book in which the titular friends help a cargo ship on its way after it gets stuck in a canal, which also informs readers about tides and gravitational forces, by Red Truck author Kersten Hamilton (l.), illustrated by Barry Gott (Moon Camp). Publication is set for summer 2024; Erin Murphy at Erin Murphy Literary Agency represented the author, and Teresa Kietlinski at Bookmark Literary represented the illustrator. 

Readers are going to love the sweet friendship here, and they will learn a little bit about canals and the moon’s pull and tides, too. Despite being inspired by a timely event, THE TUGBOAT AND THE SILVER MOON feels like a new classic. 

Congratulations, Kersten! You’ve done it again!