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November 2009

After a series of heated auctions, Cate Tiernan's Immortal Beloved trilogy is now set to be published in seven territories around the world in addition to Little, Brown in the U.S., which will release the first book in September 2010. Other territories will release the book that season or spring 2011. The U.K. publisher, Stodder & Houghton, plans to market the book as an adult/YA crossover; editor Kate Howard said the first manuscript is unlike anything she has read before, "a haunting story of transformation, friendship, love and secrets, but also of tragedy and loss."

Rights People, the EMLA foreign rights co-agency, has done a tremendous job of managing the interest in this property. All foreign rights deals can be seen on Publishers Marketplace.

In the trilogy, a 460-year-old teen runs from a life of empty parties and darkness and begins to turn towards the light, discovering in the process her own vast untapped magickal power, the presence of untold enemies and a mysterious Viking god of a man who may be, in more ways than one, her other half.

Cate Tiernan is the author of the Sweep and Balefire series.

A Prince Among Killers (Oathbreaker, Book 2)

A Prince Among Killers (Oathbreaker, Book 2)
Susan (S R) Vaught
JB Redmond

Today marks the release of A Prince Among Killers, by S R Vaught and J B Redmond, the second half of the meaty Oathbreaker saga begun with Assassin's Apprentice this summer. With a rich fantasy setting, a large cast of sympathetic characters, and a plot full of unexpected twists, Oathbreaker will appeal to diehard fantasy fans among adults and teens alike.