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May 2011
Words in the Dust

Words in the Dust
Trent Reedy

This was a big week for EMLA author Trent Reedy, whose book WORDS IN THE DUST was chosen as Al Roker's latest Book Club pick. Taking his place on the couch next to host Al Roker, Trent answered questions from four young readers who not only loved his book but awarded it an unprecedented 5 stars! Follow this link to catch up on the event and watch Trent in action if you missed it live.

Congratulations, Trent, on meeting this terrific opportunity with such poise and presence!

While in New York, Trent was also able to visit the offices of the organization Women for Afghan Women. A portion of proceeds from sales of WORDS IN THE DUST will be donated to Women for Afghan Women so that they can continue helping the women and girls of Afghanistan.



Susan (S R) Vaught

We are so happy to announce yet another deal for Susan Vaught, whose latest YA novel, GOING UNDERGROUND, hits shelves in September. Not only does she have a modern-day pirate adventure, RIGGADOR, in the works and under contract, but now she's slid in a new one: FREAK, written from the point of view of Jason, a teenager with schizophrenia whose best friend, a girl so withdrawn she doesn't speak, disappears—and Jason might or might not be a suspect. FREAK shares a sensibility with Susan's TRIGGER (which was optioned for film earlier this year) in that her experience as a practicing neuropsychologist gives her incredible insight into the minds of teens with special diagnoses, who think differently than mainstream kids—and boy, will these voices grab you and not let go.

Bloomsbury, publisher of all of the above Vaught titles and more, plans to release FREAK next fall and follow it with RIGGADOR. Because FREAK is a work in progress, Susan's editor Victoria Wells Arms, others at Bloomsbury in the U.S. and U.K., and myself are all on the edges of our seats, waiting for the next chapter!

Congratulations, Susan!


Today is our first annual Foreign Rights Spring Round-Up for EMLA authors. We are so thankful to our co-agency, Rights People, for all of their hard work on our clients’ behalf!  With a nod to the responsible individual team member, here are the titles they have placed with foreign publishers since our last round-up.

FLUTTER by Erin Moulton, in Brazil to Novo Conceito, and in Indonesia to Lingkar Pena, thanks to Alex Webb.

FALLING FOR HAMLET by Michelle Ray, in Brazil by Novo Conceito, thanks to Alex Webb.

WORDS IN THE DUST by Trent Reedy, in the U.K. to Frances Lincoln, thanks to Alex Webb, and in Germany to Aufbau (at auction!), thanks to Alexandra Devlin.

A TASTE FOR RED by Lewis Harris, in France to Flammarion, thanks to Allison Hellegers.

The IMMORTAL BELOVED trilogy by Cate Tiernan has now sold in sixteen territories, with the addition of Lithuanian rights to Media Incognito, thanks to Caroline Hill-Trevor.

Jennifer Nielsen’s Underwood Chronicles books 2 and 3: ELLIOT AND THE PIXIE PLOT, and ELLIOT AND THE YETI THREAT, again to Artemis in Turkey, thanks to Allison Hellegers.

Thanks, too, to the sub rights teams at the following U.S. publishers for placing EMLA books with foreign houses:

Summer Camp Secrets titles PRANKED, ACTING OUT, and FRIENDS FORNEVER by Katy Grant, in France to Hachette (U.S.: Simon & Schuster).

BLOOD & FLOWERS by Penny Blubaugh, in Brazil to Editora Underworld and in Poland to Amber (U.S.: HarperCollins).

ADIOS, NIRVANA by Conrad Wesselhoeft, in Germany to Carlsen (U.S.: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt).

ELLIE MCDOODLE: HAVE PEN WILL TRAVEL by Ruth McNally Barshaw, in France to Pere Castor-Flammarion (U.S.: Bloomsbury).

BIG FAT MANIFESTO by Susan Vaught, in Korea to Mirae Media & Books (U.S.: Bloomsbury).

We're so happy to see these titles going out around the world!

—Erin and Joan

Flutter: The Story of Four Sisters and One Incredible Journey

Flutter: The Story of Four Sisters and One Incredible Journey

Happy book birthday to Erin E. Moulton's Flutter, a middle-grade novel—her debut—published by Philomel! Flutter goes out in the world with a couple of lovely nudges behind it: Kirkus praised the "fast-paced action," and PW has called it "a heartfelt tale of familial love, with just a touch of magic." Action, emotion, and magic? What more could a reader ask for!

As always when a new EMLA book hit shelves, we wish it straight into readers' hearts.


The Queen of Water

The Queen of Water
Laura Resau
María Virginia Farinango

Publishers Weekly adds its star to those from Booklist and Kirkus and says, "This compelling collaboration between Resau (The Ruby Notebook) and Farinango—who met while Resau was teaching English at a community college—is based on Farinango's tumultuous upbringing in Ecuador as part of an indígena (indigenous) family, forced to live under the thumb of the mestizos (the Spanish upper class). As is common for indígena girls her age, Virginia is sent to live with a wealthy mestizo couple—in her case, Niño Carlitos and his wife, Doctorita—and she babysits their children and serves as their maid for eight years. While the living conditions are an improvement over her family's small farm, she endures physical and verbal abuse and is denied an education. Narrating in a singular, authentic voice, Virginia dreams of escape, but her broken identity leaves her directionless. Along the way, though, she employs her imagination, persistence, and hard-won wisdom to recover her strength and freedom. The authors' candid narrative richly depicts Virginia's passage from a childhood filled with demoralization to a young woman who sees her life through new eyes."

Fantastic, Laura!