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July 2011

We are so pleased to announce yet another deal that has been brewing for quite some time: Another picture book for Mary Lyn Ray, whose Marla-Frazee-illustrated Stars debuts this fall from Beach Lane Books/S&S. The new one is called The Dog Who Didn't Like Thunder, and, in Mary Lyn's trademark subtly humorous way, it reveals the way a child comforts his brave dog during a big storm. The acquiring editor is the lovely Kelsey Skea of Disney-Hyperion Books.

The illustrator who will be bringing out all of this humor and bringing the characters to life is Steven Salerno, whose dogs are so delightful in Bebe and Pantaloon—and, more recently our own Audrey Vernick's Brothers at Bat, which debuts in spring of next year with Clarion. When I saw little Pitch, the dog in Audrey's book, I fell in love, so I am especially delighted!

Congratulations, Mary Lyn!


It’s been a very busy year for Trent Reedy, but unbeknownst to many, all of that writing and productivity was not just related to his terrific debut WORDS IN THE DUST. We’ve had to sit on this news for a good few months, but the cat is at last ready to fly out of the bag: As of today, the contracts are being signed for Trent’s second novel with Arthur A. Levine Books, the contemporary middle-grade adventure STEALING AIR, following three boys in a small Iowa town who set out to build a real-life flying machine—and learn all kinds of things about life and friendship in the process. Once again, Cheryl Klein is the acquiring editor, and you can expect to see this novel on the shelves sometime next year.
Hooray, and congratulations to Trent!


July is here with the flush of summer and to welcome the slower pace of the season—and to encourage reading all afternoon in the hammock with a glass of lemonade—we've got four new books by EMLA clients: 

Teach Your Buffalo To Play Drums, by Audrey Vernick, a picture book featuring Buffalo's quest to learn rhythm, published by Balzer + Bray at Harper Collins. 

Falling for Hamlet, by Michelle Ray, a young adult novel about royalty, true love, and the searing public eye, published by Poppy at Little Brown. 

Sass & Serendipity, by Jennifer Ziegler, a young adult novel about sisters and finding true love, published by Delacorte at Random House. 

Your Best Friend, Meredith, by Melissa Glenn Haber, a middle grade novel about friendship and finding out what it really means, published by Aladdin at Simon & Schuster.

We wish these books into readers' hearts! 


I can still remember the first time I met Deborah Halverson, sitting in the crowd at the big SCBWI conference in Los Angeles. She and fellow assistant editor, Krista Marino, who worked with Deborah at Harcourt, had made the drive from San Diego. I knew from subbing to Deborah in my oh-so-early agent days that she was smart, and after meeting her in person, that sense was underscored, along with a new understanding of how personable she is. But it wasn't until after she'd left Harcourt and written a YA novel while going through the last few months of pregnancy, birth, and the first few months of raising her triplet sons that I knew she wasn't just smart and personable—she is driven and organized and the very epitome of, "If you want something to get done, ask a busy person."

So when Deborah returned from a year's sabbatical in England and began setting up a brilliant website called and secured a contract to write a book about writing for young adults in the beloved DUMMIES series, I wasn't the least bit surprised. If anybody could do it, Deborah could.

And oh, has she done it! WRITING YOUNG ADULT FICTION FOR DUMMIES practically sparkles with insight and information and profiles of people working hard in this industry who share their tips and thoughts about how new writers can turn into veterans and established writers can acquire new tools and tactics.

Head on over to to get more information—and most importantly, if you are an aspiring YA author, to enter a drawing for a full manuscript critique from Deborah herself!

Congratulations, Deborah, on another amazing accomplishment!