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January 2013

And we're off! Announcing our first deal of 2013: Phil Bildner's picture
book THE TRASHCAN WIZARD, to Melissa Manlove at Chronicle.

Phil visited New Orleans several times after Hurricane Katrina, often
bringing groups of teen volunteers to help with the cleanup. On one of those
visits he met a woman named Katy Reckdahl, a reporter for the TIMES
PICAYUNE, who had done a feature on a man named Cornelius Washington, a
garbage man in the French Quarter who sang, danced, and performed tricks--a
"wizard of trash cans." Phil felt that Cornelius symbolized the energy and
spirit of New Orleans, and he wrote a story inspired by Cornelius that is so
catchy and rhythmic, Cornelius surely would dance to it, if he were still
alive. THE TRASHCAN WIZARD is about Cornelius himself, but also about New
Orleans, Katrina, and recovering from catastrophe.

We're so pleased that Chronicle and dynamo editor Melissa Manlove have
signed it up!

And as a side note, that reporter whose story introduced Phil to Cornelius
Washington? She gave birth to her son, Hector, while Katrina was making
landfall—and Phil is dedicating the book to him.


Happy New Year! Happy 2013 from EMLA!

We've got one book for this month, a lovely picture book by Liz Garton Scanlon, Happy Birthday, Bunny!, published by Beach Lane Books/S&S, a lovely birthday book for a heartfelt celebration.

We wish this book into readers' hearts!


DARK TRIUMPH, the next book after Robin LaFevers's GRAVE MERCY, gets a starred review from Booklist!

The riveting historical adventure that began with Grave Mercy (2012) here follows the story of another of
Death's handmaidens, Sybella. Backtracking just a bit, the story starts with the climactic event of the
previous book: Sybella warns Isme, her dear friend and fellow killer from the convent of St. Mortrain, that
troops protecting Brittany's young Duchess are riding into a trap to be sprung by Sybella's despotic father.
The story's parameters are the same as in the previous book (the struggle between various forces to decide
Brittany's fate, the relationship between the young women trained in the deathly arts and the saint that
directs them); and once again the tale is filled with vicious battles, heart stopping escapes, and intricately
devised scenarios. However, in this book, the wounds are deeper as Sybella must come to terms with her
past and how her secrets tie and untie her to a knight who is the bane of her existence and her hope for the
future. LaFevers is that wonderful sort of storyteller who so completely meshes events, descriptions, and
characters that readers get lost in the world she's concocted. It's a place where history mingles with
mystery and love is never expected. With one more daughter of Death seeking her fate, readers can expect
a sequel. But how will they stand the wait?
Grave Mercy debuted to starred reviews as far as the eye could see. That and an impressive PRr
campaign means this should be heavily in demand.

Congratulations, Robin!