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October 2018

Once upon a time, princesses were content to spend their days strolling through fields and counting their jewels and gazing longingly into pools. If that was ever actually true, that time has long passed.

And for no one is that more true than for Princess Susan, the take-charge heroine of Jacob Sager Weinstein's forthcoming picture book, PRINCESS, INC. Princess Susan wants a job. An important job. And if her parents won't give her one, she's going to find one for herself. The delightful story and the antics that ensue are captured in Jacob Sager Weinstein's inimitable style, and the book has been acquired by Anne Hoppe at Clarion.

If you've seen LYRIC MCKERRIGAN, SECRET LIBRARIAN, Jacob's magnificent first book with Anne Hoppe and Clarion (with iconic illustrations by Vera Brosgol!), you will know you're in for a real treat. Stay tuned, readers!

Huge congrats, Jacob!


The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle

The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle
Christina Uss

Have you had the pleasure of reading THE ADVENTURES OF A GIRL CALLED BICYCLE? If not, I'm sorry to say this but you must stop everything right now and do so. To meet Bicycle is to fall in love with her; there's nothing more to it.

Okay. Now that you have done that, you are sure to be a Christina Uss fan for life. Thus, I am wildly excited to share that there is a brand new book on the horizon from this amazing and talented author. Here's the scoop, my raring-to-go readers:

Lily Kessinger at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has acquired The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle author Christina Uss's middle-grade novel Erik Vs. Everything, the story of a boy whose life motto is Avoid Stuff, while his family seems determined to bring out his inner Viking. The deal was managed by Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency for World rights. Publication is planned for Fall 2020.

If you loved Bicycle, you will equally fall for the affable and reluctantly adventurous Erik. I know this release date is a little ways out yet, but go ahead and mark your calendars now. You can thank me later J

Congratulations, Christina!


There's something extra special about launching a brand newly minted, wildly talented picture book author onto the publishing scene. And guess what?? YES! That is exactly what we are doing here today!

Book world, meet Darshana Khiani—an extraordinary and versatile new picture book author. Remember her name, because you are going to be seeing a LOT from her in the months and years to come.

And what better place to start than with the incredibly charming, voice-driven HOW TO WEAR A SARI? In this book, our peppy young protagonist is tired of being overlooked by her many older family members. How can she get a little attention? Why, she'll teach herself to wear a sari, just like the grown-ups do.—Even though she's technically too young. And it can be pretty tricky. What could possibly go wrong?

Friends, you'll have to wait until Fall 2020 to find out, but it will be worth the wait. HOW TO WEAR A SARI has been acquired by Erika Turner at Versify, and is being illustrated by the talented Joanne Lew-Vriethoff.

Congratulations, Darshana! And here's to many more ahead :)


Oh, friends! There are some stories that just melt your heart a little every time you think about them. And this is one of those. Get ready for this incredibly moving, magical, heartwarming middle-grade adventure that is forthcoming from Suzanne Nelson—the title is a long one, but it's worth every word.

A TALE MAGNOLIOUS: THE ADVENTURES OF AN ORPHAN, HER ELEPHANT, AND SOME RATHER UNUSUAL SEEDS is the story of a girl, an elephant, and what happens when a small Midwestern town is caught in the grip of a forbidding dust storm—with just a hint of magic tossed in the mix. Exploring deep themes of friendship and more, this is an absolute gem that must not be missed.

I'm delighted to share the news today that MAGNOLIOUS was acquired by the brilliant Michelle Frey at Knopf, and will be lumbering onto bookshelves everywhere in Fall 2019. Stay tuned!

Warmest congratulations, Suzanne!


Aspiring artists everywhere, rejoice: prolific artist and educator extraordinaire Mark Crilley is back at his teaching best! Those familiar with his YouTube art channel know how valuable his weekly tips and techniques are. And soon there will be two more instruction books to give even more in-depth expertise.

Pam Wissman at F+W has acquired THE MARK CRILLEY GUIDE TO DRAWING HANDS and HOW TO DRAW MANGA HAIR—two essential components in bringing your visual work to life. Mark is hard at work preparing these books for publication, so stay tuned for them soon on bookshelves everywhere.

Congratulations, Mark!


Some wishes are granted instantly, and others take . . . a little bit longer. Today we are here to celebrate the latter: a wonderful wish of a book deal that has been in the works for a while. And for this reason, it's so nearly ready that it is available for preorder already!

But I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Fans of Anna Staniszewski know and love her fast-paced, heart-warming, hilarious books (and if you don't, you should start reading right away!), and will be thrilled to discover all of these things and more within the pages of her latest winner.

SECONDHAND WISHES tells the story of a girl who stumbles upon a bag of wishing stones at her local thrift store. Great news, right? Well . . . there's a catch: the stones have already been used once. And that past wish-magic? It's not all gone . . .

This delightful middle-grade adventure was acquired by Erin Black and Amanda Maciel at Scholastic Press, and will be on bookstore shelves everywhere on January 29, 2019. And if you place your pre-order now, you can begin reading that very day. What are you waiting for? Enjoy!

Huge congrats, Anna!


It's a great day when you get to announce not only a brand new book series, but a debut by a pair of wildly talented creators—and, guess what? That's exactly what I've got in store for you today!

The dynamic author-illustrator duo of Jennifer Xu and Kate Rhodes have conceived a breathtaking graphic novel series titled HAVEN AND THE TITANS—a fantastical adventure featuring a strong female hero who is caught in a world of mysterious gods and menacing robots, and a kingdom that extends up beyond the clouds. What happens next? You definitely want to know more . . . and you can, beginning in Fall 2020.

The two-book deal was snapped up in a preempt offer by Sheila Keenan at Viking, and I for one can't wait to see the finished work in print.

Huge congratulations, Kate and Jen!