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March 2022

Annie’s text went on sub late last summer just before I went camping for the final time before the season closed. I was sitting around a campfire (well, a propane fire, because of increased fire danger) and I thought I should just check for emails/texts, since it had been a few days. Usually, when camping, I can only receive texts/email, but I can't reply. I turned on my data and there was Hannah’s lovely email asking to buy Annie’s HUSH, LITTLE HERO. The chipmunks came out to celebrate with us (well, actually, they wanted our popcorn), and everyone in the woods rejoiced at the good news!

Hannah Lambert at Little Simon has bought world rights to Hush, Little Hero by Annie Bailey (l.) illustrated by Dawn Lo. This bedtime board book follows a toddler "hero" who's had a full day of leaping over block tower buildings, chasing villains, and teaching their stuffed animals to fly. Publication is planned for spring 2023; Tricia Lawrence at Erin Murphy Literary Agency represented the author, and Nicole Tugeau at Tugeau 2 represented the illustrator. 

Congratulations, Annie!


I am so delighted to announce there's another book on the way from the fabulous Kristy Boyce! When she told me she was writing a D&D inspired YA, I could not have been more excited. And I was so happy to be able to match Kristy up with Wendy Loggia at Delacorte/Underlined for this one! Filled with some of my favourite tropes (fake dating! enemies to lovers!), this book is not to be missed.

Wendy Loggia at Underlined has acquired Dungeons & Drama by Kristy Boyce (Hot British Boyfriend). Enemies to lovers meets fake dating in this story about a girl stuck working at her father's game store who enlists the help of her nerdy co-worker to get out of her shifts—she'll flirt with him during his D&D games and make his gamer-girl crush jealous. But just how fake is their flirting? Publication is planned for spring 2024; Tara Gonzalez at Erin Murphy Literary Agency sold world rights.

Congratulations, Kristy! 

- Tara

What’s better than being able to announce a new EMLA picture book text deal? Being able to announce a new EMLA picture book deal for the author and the illustrator! Believe me, friends, this is going to be one showstopper of a book – you should probably start clearing space on your bookshelves right now.

Here is the deal info from PW:

Liza Kaplan at Viking has acquired a new picture book by New York Times bestselling author Pat Zietlow Miller, with illustrations by Jerry Jordan. Unstoppable John tells the true story of how Congressman John Lewis’s quest for books and his belief that libraries should be for everyone launched his lifetime work as a dynamic advocate for civil rights, and solidified his lifelong love affair with reading. The author and illustrator were represented by Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency in a deal for World rights. Publication is planned for Spring 2024.

Three cheers for Pat and Jerry and this amazing book to come!!



After two years full of isolation and social bubbles, it’s almost hard to imagine feeling homesick—and yet, as I prepare for only my second trip since the pandemic started (and my first that involves flying), I know I’ll also be missing home keenly, because it takes some adjustment to move out of hermit habits!

Do you remember the first time you were away from home, as a kid, enough to get homesick? The first slumber party or sleepaway camp or visit to see relatives overnight? It’s such a big moment in the life of a child. And it’s one that Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick have captured perfectly in their newest co-written picture book text, HOMESICK. And they add a little twist: Home is also feeling a little sick without its youngest human. 

Taylor Norman at Chronicle snapped this one up and has brought on the incredible Daniel Miyares to illustrate. Publication is not until fall 2025, but I am absolutely certain that this one will be worth the wait!

Congratulations, Liz and Audrey!


A truly lovely story, so beautifully written by two former teaching colleagues in Ethiopia, THE GABI THAT GIRMA WORE is a celebration of the beautiful handiwork and and family and community legacy that connects us to each other and to ourselves. I’m so ready for this book. It’s going to be absolutely gorgeous!

Margaret Raymo at Little, Brown has bought world rights to The Gabi That Girma Wore by Sara Ackerman (l.) and Fasika Adefris (c.), illustrated by Netsanet Tesfay (r.). This picture book tells the story of how the gabi, a traditional Ethiopian blanket, is made in a celebration of weaving, community and culture. Publication is slated for winter 2024; Tricia Lawrence at Erin Murphy Literary Agency represented the authors, and the artist represented herself. 

Congratulations, Sara and Fasika!


A client starting on a fantastic writing career, an editor with a picture book idea, a manuscript that comes together beautifully and gets signed up, an illustrator who brings it all to the table—this is the story of IT’S PRIDE, BABY!

It all started with the divine Grace Kendall at FSG, who had an idea to do a picture book celebrating queer parents, perhaps centered on baby’s first Pride Parade. Grace had had some previous interactions with Allen R. Wells (whose first picture book, DANTE PLAYS HIS BLUES, had just sold to HarperCollins, and is due out in summer 2024), and he was absolutely perfect to take on this project, so I put them together.

Several conversations, a draft, and a few revisions later, we had an offer! And soon Grace approached India Valle to illustrate. And India knocked it out of the park with a sample illustration:

I am so pleased to announce that the book will be released in spring 2023—so soon—in plenty of time for Pride.

Congratulations, Allen!

It’s a wonderful kind of delight to represent someone I have worked with in another professional capacity, and who also happens to live nearby enough that we can meet up in person now and then! Thus it is with Julie Bliven, who is a wonderful editor at Charlesbridge and also happens to be my client.

It’s an ESPECIALLY wonderful kind of delight when someone who has worked as an editor for years, helping writers achieve their publishing dreams, and gets her first deal for a book of her own. And that is also the case with Julie Bliven, I am pleased to say!

Julie’s picture book text SOMETIMES SHY was signed by Andrea Hall at Beaming Books (in my own first deal with this publisher), and Andrea has attached the very talented Dang Khoa Tran as illustrator. 

The story is a lyrical contemplation of one child’s sense of quiet vs. shyness, and how shyness can be situational. It will be published in spring 2023, which is just around the corner!

Huge congratulations, Julie!


You know how it is with some book characters—they leap off the page from the get-go and live like old friends in your mind long after you’ve put the book down. So it was for me with Bibsy Cross, a headstrong and sympathetic eight-year-old who stars in a new chapter book series (in verse!) by preeminent picture book author Liz Garton Scanlon, who has also published one middle-grade novel and has another publishing later this year.

Happily, I was not the only one who responded that way to dear Bibsy, as three different editors and their publishing teams fell in love, and soon after sending the manuscript out, we were doing an auction.

The big winner was Rotem Moscovich at Knopf, who signed up four books and brought in EYES THAT KISS AT THE CORNERS artist Dung Ho to provide illustrations. The first two books, including series starter BIBSY CROSS AND THE BAD APPLE, will debut in summer 2024, and I just can’t wait for you to read them and meet Bibsy for yourself!

Huge congratulations, Liz!